Piece Chosen for Best of Tennessee Crafts 1994

Annie Keith


Annie began her pottery career in Jackson County, near Whitleyville, TN. After 9 years away from the wheel, Annie Keith has re-opened her studio near Jamestown in Fentress County Tennessee.

Annie studied pottery at Appalachian Center for Crafts, TN Tech’s Craft Center, near Smithville, TN. The love of old pottery forms and the thrill of throwing similar forms on the potter’s wheel soon turned what was to be a hobby into an avocation.

The vast majority of the pottery is thrown on her potter’s wheel. She loves to feel the lump of clay grow into a classic form beneath her hands. The hand painted flowers and other designs are inspired by Annie’s garden and the wildflowers in the beautiful Tennessee woodlands near her home. Annie’s pottery is stoneware, which is chip resistant and dishwasher safe. The glazes are food safe. Most forms are functional and meant to be used.

The Jackson County Historical Society chose one of Annie’s Bi-Centennial crocks to be placed in their 100-year time capsule in Nashville's Bicentennial Park.
Exhibitions - Annie's work has been shown at both the :
Carroll Reece Museum in Johnson City and
TN State Museum in Nashville



TACA Centennial Park Fairs
Foothills Craft Guild Show in Knoxville
Knoxville’s Dogwood Festival
Smithville’s Fiddler’s Jamboree
Riverfest in Canton, GA
Arts and Crafts Show in Louisville, KY
Craft Shows in Crossville, TN

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